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Yoga for Menopause Workshop Feedback

"Sandie's Yoga for Menopause was just what I needed. Sandie's knowledge and expertise was phenomenal, and really put you at ease, combining yoga, meditation and insight on how to ease the pre to post-menopausal stages of your life".

“Thank you. Not sure what time you finished as my laptop ran out of power and I fell asleep! Obviously needed it so thank you!! Xx

“Brilliant. I only woke up again because Sandie spoke! I was gone…x”

“Hi Sandie. It was just the perfect afternoon thank you. I turned up knackered just thinking I wanted a two hour savasana but the practice did exactly as promised and completely shifted my energy”.

“Really enjoyed that Sandie, you guided and held the space so beautifully. Thank you xxx”

“Thanks again Sandie, it was just what I needed feeling so much more calmer, in control and revived! X

“It was the perfect antidote, a perfect Sunday afternoon. Thank you.”

"Hi Sandie, really enjoyed last night's class, it was a perfect combination pf sharing/learning, stretching & relaxing. Your opening chat really struck a chord in me and left me quite emotional at some of the things you shared. It's reassuring to know that some of the things I have been experiencing on & off for a long time could be down to the menopause. I would definitely recommend to other women, especially those over 35 who can then at least be prepared. Thank you so much".

"I still feel quite relaxed. It's like I have a better understanding of myself. I will check when the next session is as i would love another one".

Hi Sandie thank you for the session last night really appreciated the sharing circle at the beginning and the restorative bit at the end. I think I'd need to do a few more sessions to see how it works for me but would recommend other menopausal women to try it as we are all different. Thank you again".

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