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New! Yoga for Menopause Online Workshop

New Year = New beginnings. Growth and Change. Moving Forward. It’s all Positive, or is it?

Change can lead to fear; fear of the unknown; fear of failure; fear of not being enough.

Fear results in Overwhelm, Anxiety, Fatigue, Uncertainty, Insecurity.

All the different phases of your life involve change which can feel challenging if you are not ready to embrace it.

Women navigate many transitional changes during our female lifecycles: Puberty & Menarche, Hormonal and Gynaecological issues; menstrual cycle issues, pregnancy & childbirth, infertility issues, and if all that wasn’t enough, we then have to take on the multitude of emotional, mental and physical challenges of peri-menopause and menopause.

Add into the mix all the stressful changes we as humans experience in our lives: marriage, moving house, relationship issues, financial issues, ill health, raising a family and so on, it’s no wonder that this can often lead to overwhelm and anxiety.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to nurture and take care of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing to give us the strength to manage all of the ups and downs that life will throw at us. From this strong and stable base we are more able to deal with things as they arise rather than reacting emotionally and coming from a place of angst and fear.

Reacting from a place of fear, stress and overwhelm overworks the adrenal system and we are constantly in fight of flight mode, never giving the nervous system time to rest and restore. We feel more tired and less able to cope. Less able to sleep. And so the vicious cycle continues until eventually we reach burnout.

This affects all of us but for women navigating the stages of peri-menopause and menopause it can feel even more debilitating and draining. Our hormone levels are all over the place, affecting everything we do, and how we feel. Everything is changing and it’s easy to become tired, scared and to feel very alone.

This special Yoga for Menopause workshop is for all women at any stage of peri-menopause into menopause. Peri-menopause can start from as early as 35, but if you are over 40 you will almost certainly have started to experience the wildly fluctuating levels of hormones which send us all over the place. Menopause is generally believed to take place once you have not had a period for 12 months but new research is indicating that this can be as long as up to 36 months after your last period. This was certainly true for me.

You are not going crazy. This is just another cycle of change which you will embrace and overcome and feel like yourself again.

In the workshop we will incorporate specific yoga poses and breathing practices which will address these issues. Plus journaling and healing meditations, and a chance to share and bond with other women also on the same journey. It’s a wonderful afternoon which you will leave feeling lighter, less alone, and more positive about the journey ahead of you.

Do not suffer in silence or alone. Find your voice, find your power, find yourself.

Come along and join this powerful workshop.

Sunday 20th February

2- 4.30pm £30 includes Tea to share during the women’s circle.

Online on Zoom - Replay available if you are unable to attend live.

Book here:

Message me for more details or email

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