How Yoga for Menopause can help you


The workshops encourage acceptance and ownership of symptoms, and self-reflection through techniques using specific yoga poses, breath-work, guided meditation, journaling, restorative yoga and mindfulness. Specific Yoga sequences are designed to burn off rage, ground you, calm your mind, reduce anxiety, overwhelm and brain fog, shake off lethargy and low mood, as well as address a whole host of other issues.


What happens at a Yoga for Menopause Workshop?


A typical workshop begins with a sharing circle which is an incredibly powerful way to support one another by sharing experiences in a safe and non-judgemental space. Using knowledge from Western Medical science together with eastern wellbeing techniques, Menopause Yoga aims to create a toolkit for women to better understand and manage their own symptoms as they transition through the different stages of peri-menopause.


After the success of the first two workshops*, focussing on the Vata and Kapha Dosha in Menopause, the next workshop, will be a cooling practice with a focus on the Pitta Dosha in Menopause.


Signs of a menopausal imbalance in the Pitta Dosha manifest as excess heat and fear, in the form of hot flushes & night sweats, irritability, anger, negative thoughts & behaviours, and poor sleep. The practice will also help release unspoken anger and resentment which are stored in the pelvis and unspoken words and emotions stored at the Throat Chakra.


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*Replays are available. Contact me.

Yoga For Menopause Workshops


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