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Next workshop 21st March - Upcoming Yoga for Menopause Workshops

All workshops & classes will help to reset your nervous system, reduce anxiety, promote equilibrium and better sleep patterns.

  • For Lethargy, low mood, muscle strength and bone health (21st March)

  • Yoga for ‘Menorage’ for excess anger and aggression (end of May)

  • Yoga to cool excess heat, for Night Sweats and Hot Flushes

  • For Bone Health to prevent Osteoporosis in Menopause

  • For Sleep issues and Insomnia

  • Yoga to Balance your Hormones & Adrenal system

  • Yoga for Joint Pain in Menopause

  • Yoga for a Healthy Heart in Menopause - During and after menopause, we produce less oestrogen which increases the risk of Coronary Heart Disease

Book here:

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