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Link to my Live Interview on Wycombe Sound Radio this week!

Here is the link to my live interview last Wednesday on #wycombesoundradio with Clare Sherman about my work with my Yoga for Peri-Menopause and Menopause Workshops and other classes. The interview starts at 1:30 hours into the recording FWD to 1.29 to catch the end of the fabulous #Sharleen Spiteri and Texas with Black Eyed Boy and the full intro . Please share with your friends and family thanks!

Yoga for Peri-Menopause & Menopause aims to give you a toolkit of techniques to help support you to understand, accept and manage the changes which you are going through; by talking to other women going through the same experiences, understanding where to go for advice and help, and self-managing symptoms with sharing circles, journalling, specific yoga poses, restorative yoga, breathwork, meditations and relaxation. There are specially designed sequences designed to burn off rage, others to ground you, calm your mind, reduce overwhelm and brain fog, and shake off lethargy, low mood and anxiety.

Join me for the 2nd Yoga for Menopause Workshop on Sunday 21st March 2-4pm. Link in Bio.

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