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About me, my yoga classes and Menopause Yoga Workshops

Out for a lovely sunny walk on the snowy Rye in High Wycombe

Yoga for Peri-menopause and menopause workshops and classes are for all women from age 35 onwards.

An estimated 13 million women in the UK over age 45 are going through menopause.

What you do NOW in the decade BEFORE has a massive impact on your future health and wellbeing.

Menopause Yoga uses both western scientific medicine and eastern wellbeing techniques to create a toolkit for women to manage their own menopause symptoms as they transition through peri-menopause and into menopause.

Workshop sessions include yoga, breathwork, meditation, journaling, and mindfulness. I also use sharing circles in my workshops to allow women to gather together to share their stories and support each other which is really powerful.

My top tips for Peri menopausal women

1. Chart, journal, record, read, research, make notes

2. Ask your GP to refer you to a Meno specialist

3. Practice Yoga & Mindfulness

4. Get enough sleep

5. Get out in nature

6. Nutrition & supplements to support women’s health

7. Talk / Share: Talk to other women, including younger women, to your friends and family and partners

8. Find menopause support groups on social media

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