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Coronavirus Update

Good news all Humming Bee Yoga classes are now online!


Online classes almost every day at different times to suit all needs. See full details in link to schedule below.

Class Schedules

Class schedules and online booking page can be found by clicking the link below:

Schedules & Booking Page

Buy Discounted class passes here

Please let me know if there are any other days or times you would like to see classes and I will assess over the next few weeks what’s works best for everyone, and add to or amend the schedule.

How to get started

You will need to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the App Store, or sign up for a free account at

You will receive full joining instructions after booking your class, however some useful points to note are:

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class start time
You will enter a “waiting room” for admittance to the class, and if you arrive late you will not be able to join the class, so please arrive in good time. (For the first few weeks and until we are all used to this new platform I will wait for 5-10 minutes to make sure everyone is in and ready to go.)
We will all be able to chat to each other on audio, and in the chat room when we enter the class, but once the class starts your audio will be muted so that you will all only be able to see me onscreen and only hear me throughout the whole class.

I will show you how to manage your audio/video etc.

Please contact me by email or phone  to arrange a free face to face online Zoom meeting to help you get set up and ready for your class.



You can book all online classes on the usual booking website using your existing class passes, or by PAYG in the usual way.

Once you book your class you will receive a booking confirmation email with joining instructions for your class. Let me know in good time if you do not receive your joining instructions for your class.

If you already have existing face to face group classes booked, you will be able to transfer these to any online class by clicking into your booking confirmation email.

Contact me by email or phone for assistance if you have any issues doing this, and I will assist or transfer sessions for you.

Class Schedules

Class schedules and online booking can be found here:…

Buy Discounted class passes here

Self Employed/Unwaged

If you are self employed or unwaged please contact me for a discount code

NHS/Emergency Services

I am offering free classes. Please contact me by email or phone   for a discount code.

Apologies for the information overload!!

Thank you for all your continued support

Stay safe everyone and hope to see you all soon - both online, and fingers crossed face to face!

Love and light

Hari Om

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